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  • How to create bootable USB with Debian?

    Typical process of creating bootable USB using previously downloaded ISO image with OS is pretty easy but with Debian it’s tricky. Using Startup Disk Creator in my case thrown an error: Below I will show you nice workaround that works perfectly and requires no additional programs to deal with. 1. Prepare your USB Make sure,… read more

  • Linux: How to synchronize time in Ubuntu or Debian?

    You can easily synchronize time of your server or local machine using ntpdate command. Open terminal and type: You can change the address of time server ( to a different one that suits you. If you don’t have ntpdate installed, do I with below command:

  • Sublime Text 2: How to change colour theme in Debian / Ubuntu?

    Sublime Text 2 comes with various colour themes. One of the best theme (in my humble opinion) unfortunately is not included so you have do download it and activate manually. This theme is called Tomorrow Night (with my favourite Blue edition). All Tomorrow themes are made my Chris Kempson and you can obtain them from… read more

  • Debian: How to install Software Center?

    If your Debian doesn’t have Software Center installed, you can easily do it by entering following command into terminal: For Gnome: For KDE:

  • Debian: How to upgrade from Squeeze to Wheezy?

    First step is to be sure that your Squeeze is up to date: Next step is to have proper entries in sources.list file. Edit file by typing: and replace the whole content with: You can change country code to a different one if needed. I’ve used servers from Poland. Now update sources: Than upgrade packages:… read more

  • Debian: How to install Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox?

    To be able to view most of flash player animations you should replace standard Shockwave Flash player with Adobe flash player (plugin) in your browser. In terminal switch to root and remove Gnash: Restart Firefox to apply changes.

  • Debian: Installing Java from repository

    There are many ways to install Java support in Linux systems. One of the easiest is to do it by adding specific entries to our sources.list file and install Java from repository. Open terminal and edit sources.list:

  • Installation of NetBeans and JDK in Debian

    Installation of NetBeans in Ubuntu or Debian is very easy but before you do so, you have to install Java JDK which is required by NetBeans to work. 1. Installation of Java Development Kit Go to Oracle’s Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads, accept License Agreement and download proper version of JDK in tar.gz file.… read more

  • Installing Windows fonts in Debian

    To get most popular Windows fonts in Debian (6.0.7) download this package. Then install it by typing in terminal:

  • Debian: How to install Dropbox?

    To install Dropbox in Debian we'll use terminal. Follow steps below to finish this process successfully. Download First step is to download package from it's official website. Because Ubuntu packages should work in Debian – download Ubuntu version instead of this dedicated to Debian (I had few problems with it). I've downloaded 64-bit version. Next,… read more

  • Customize Terminal Prompt in OS X Yosemite with Emoji Icons

    One of the reasons why I felt in love with Macs and OS X is the combination of interface beauty and power of Unix. Although I do like Debian and Ubuntu in terms of doing my development stuff, both systems are extremely ugly and don’t give much visual pleasure. But let’s focus on OS X.… read more

  • Complete List of All MIME Types

    This table contains complete list of all MIME types to use while working with .htaccess files.

  • How to Check Version of a Package Installed on Linux?

    Sometimes you will have to check which version of currently installed package you have. In various distributions of Linux you can achieve this in the same way. Ubuntu will be an example. To get this information, simply open terminal and type this command: As an example I will check which version of Midnight Commander I… read more

  • How to install Java 7 on Ubuntu? (Easy method)

    Another way (much more easier than the one I previously posted on May ’13) to install Java 7 under Ubuntu is presented below. You don’t have to edit any files manually. Just type these commands in terminal with sudo: While upgrading your repositories, your Java will be up to date.

  • How to install Apache OpenOffice in Ubuntu 13.10 from *.DEB files?

    Installation of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 (or 4.x) is as much easy as when you install software using apt-get or GUI Software Center in Ubuntu. Debian packages are provided in one tar.gz archive. Download it and do the following steps. Before the installation process ensure that LibreOffice is removed to aviod some conflicts. Extract the archive:… read more

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