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  • FFmpeg: How to convert whole directory of OGG files to MP3 using single command?

    Converting a song from one format to another using FFmpeg is extra handy. What if you have a whole directory of files you would like to convert to mp3? Let’s check below example. Open Terminal and go to the directory that contains files you would like to convert, then type: Accordingly change: to the extension… read more

  • FFmpeg: Basic examples of usage in command line

    In my previous article about FFmpeg I’ve described a method of removing sound from the surce video stream. Today I will present some general examples of how to use FFmpeg. That includes conversion from one format into another, setting specific bitrate (quality determinant) and other minor settings. (Check this article from time to time, because… read more

  • FFmpeg: How to remove audio from video?

    Sometimes you may need to have a silent video for web development reasons (you build new website with “video in background plugin). Sound can be very annoying and it should be removed. How to remove sound from any video file? Let’s use FFmpeg. Powerful, command line tool. You should find FFmpeg in your Ubuntu. Simple… read more

  • Installation of Restricted Extras on Ubuntu

    Due to the Ubuntu’s policy about non free formats on default, this operating system comes with no support to media like MP3 (which can be required to deal with FFmpeg) and DVD, Flash Player or Java. Despite of that, You can still get support of this features by installing third party package. Installation Open terminal… read more

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