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  • How to install Java 7 on Ubuntu? (Easy method)

    Another way (much more easier than the one I previously posted on May ’13) to install Java 7 under Ubuntu is presented below. You don’t have to edit any files manually. Just type these commands in terminal with sudo: While upgrading your repositories, your Java will be up to date.

  • Firefox: How to disable JavaScript support in FF23?

    Till Firefox in version 22 it was very easy to turn JavaScript support on or off. All You had to do was to enter Options under Tools menu and click on specified checkbox. For testing purposes I had to temporary switch off this feature but I was unable to find it. I've found information that… read more

  • Debian: Installing Java from repository

    There are many ways to install Java support in Linux systems. One of the easiest is to do it by adding specific entries to our sources.list file and install Java from repository. Open terminal and edit sources.list:

  • JavaScript: Nieskończona pętla n-kroków

    Za pomocą JavaScript można wykonać ciekawy mechanizm wywoływania kolejnych funkcji (jedna po drugiej) tworząc jednocześnie nieskończoną pętle w momencie kiedy ostatnia funkcja wywołuje pierwszą (rozpoczynając cykl od początku). Przykład został pokazany poniżej z wykorzystaniem biblioteki jQuery. Opisywany mechanizm znalazł swoje zastosowanie na mojej jako prosty loader dający złudzenie animacji poprzez nieskończone wywoływanie (na przemian) funkcji… read more

  • JavaScript

  • Complete List of All MIME Types

    This table contains complete list of all MIME types to use while working with .htaccess files.

  • Installation of Restricted Extras on Ubuntu

    Due to the Ubuntu’s policy about non free formats on default, this operating system comes with no support to media like MP3 (which can be required to deal with FFmpeg) and DVD, Flash Player or Java. Despite of that, You can still get support of this features by installing third party package. Installation Open terminal… read more

  • How to check running processes in Linux?

    Imagine that you have to check status of your server due to some unexpected behaviour – attack, slowdown or just a diagnosis. One of the basic thing is to check the processes that run on a server. Open terminal and type: You should see a huge list: To get more precisely results we could look… read more

  • File monitoring in a real time using “tail” and “grep”

    Sometimes (especially when you are an administrator) there may be a need, to see the content of a specific file in a real time – for example log file. You could open file, go down to see last entries, close file and then repeat the whole process to see if there have been done some… read more

  • Installation of NetBeans and JDK in Debian

    Installation of NetBeans in Ubuntu or Debian is very easy but before you do so, you have to install Java JDK which is required by NetBeans to work. 1. Installation of Java Development Kit Go to Oracle’s Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads, accept License Agreement and download proper version of JDK in tar.gz file.… read more

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