• Let's say that in one of our tables we store informations when our employees had their holidays. Columns "absent" stores date in one of MySQL format. How, from thousands of rows (where each describes one day), fetch only those from specific month? For purpose of this article let's say that format of our stored dates… read more

  • To be able to connect with a database using GUI (for example MySQL Workbench) it is necessary to set up specific connections. But before that, You'll have to get specific permissions to a computer from which You want to establish connection. See an example below how to give these permissions in the Terminal. Open it… read more

  • Thanks to terminal (Ubuntu) you're able to import and export your database in a very easy way. Open terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and then depending on action use this code. To import database from local *.sql file: After that you'll be prompted to enter password for MySQL database you've chosen. This short tip… read more