• Attaching an event handler against selector that already exists in DOM is pretty easy but what if you have to work with non-static content that is appended and injected dynamically? Let’s assume that we have the following document structure Now, triggering an action when this particular link is clicked can look like this or Extremely easy, right? So let’s… read more

  • Story Today I found an interesting issue related to a great plug-in made by Allan Jardine called DataTables. DataTables gives you dozens of opportunities to turn your static HTML tables into interactive ones that support client side pagination, column sorting and dynamic row filtering. I had to implement DataTables feature into one, particular table where… read more

  • Queryloader issue There is no doubt, that Gaya Kessler did an awesome plugin called QueryLoader. Unfortunately, while gathering all images to be preloaded with this plugin, Gaya’s script will crash on graphic elements created with CSS3. Function is crawling for all background images and img tags with src attribute. When it will reach for example… read more