Debian: How to install Dropbox?

2013-04-26 Linux

To install Dropbox in Debian we'll use terminal. Follow steps below to finish this process successfully.


First step is to download package from it's official website. Because Ubuntu packages should work in Debian – download Ubuntu version instead of this dedicated to Debian (I had few problems with it).

I've downloaded 64-bit version. Next, open terminal and change current directory to place where you've downloaded package.

Installation of Dropbox

Now run this command:

dpkg -i dropbox_1.6.0_amd64.deb

Your name of this package can be different – change it to proper one if needed. Now the installation should start.

Fixing permissions

After setup process is finished there may be a need to chown (and chmod) directory which you have chosen to store all files. In my case I was installing as root (so destination directory in my home folder was owned to root) – this was resulting and error – DB was unable to access this directory:

sudo chown -R slick:slick Dropbox/
sudo chown -R slick:slick .dropbox
sudo chmod -R u+rw Dropbox/
sudo chmod -R u+rw .dropbox