Linux: Automount NTFS partition in Ubuntu

2012-06-28 Linux

How to automatically have all out NTFS partitions mounted under Ubuntu? By default you have to click on selected partition in file manager (GUI) to force system to mount it. In fact this effect will stay until you reboot your system. Let's force Ubuntu to mount partitions permanently during it's start.

Open Software Centre and in search input type:

ntfs config

Find and install NTFS Configuration Tool. Alternatively if you can't find it, open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

Now if you have any NTFS partitions mounted – unmount them. Go to menu – System – Administration and find NTFS Configuration Tool. Enter root password when prompted. After program will open, choose those partitions that you want to have auto mounted.

Further check both checkboxes:

  • Enable write support for external device
  • Enable write support for internal device

From now on, selected partitions will be automatically mounted during your session.