• Process of changing host name in Ubuntu is quite easy. All you have to do is to edit two specific files, modify them and reboot your machine. Open terminal and (as super user) type: Below the first line (which contains something like " localhost") find host name you wish to modify and change it to… read more

  • To enjoy Windows fonts in Ubuntu just open terminal and type this command:

  • One Thunderbird both in Windows and Linux

    2012-06-28 Linux Will Redirect 🚩

    If you have more than one operating system on your machine, there is possibility to use one instance of Thunderbird (and / or Firefox) profile on both OS. Solution of this case is quite easy. We'll use two things. First – the fact, that Linux is able to read content of FAT / NTFS partitions.… read more

  • Secure file copy allows you to copy files between two hosts in a secured way. Below I posted some basic usage of this useful command. Syntax From local to remote From remote to local Keep in mind that the above syntax of Scp command, works perfectly on OS X.

  • Linux: Automount NTFS partition in Ubuntu

    2011-08-20 Linux Will Redirect 🚩

    How to automatically have all out NTFS partitions mounted under Ubuntu? By default you have to click on selected partition in file manager (GUI) to force system to mount it. In fact this effect will stay until you reboot your system. Let’s force Ubuntu to mount partitions permanently during its start. Open Software Centre and… read more