Wget: How to Download Multiple Files at Once?

2014-08-15 Linux

You can download more than one file using wget. If there’s only any pattern in the names of your files you can use it.

Please see this example. Three archives we would like to download:


Now see below syntax and see what has been changed:

wget https://az412801.vo.msecnd.net/vhd/VMBuild_20131127/Virtual_PC/IE10_Win7/IE10.Win7.For.WindowsVPC.part00{2..4}.rar

Because of the fact that all above files are part of one archive (which was split into separate parts) we can see that their names contain increment value.

First file is part002.rar and the last one is part004. We can download everything by replacing that into:


With that request wget will download all files, one after another.