• Open Terminal and type:

  • This is quite annoying but the fix is just a matter of several clicks. Go to System Preferences, select Mission Control and untick the checkbox next to “Displays have separate Spaces”. Log out and log back in.

  • Recently I was playing around with an app that had a feature to assign a profile picture. What caught my attention was the fact, that the popup that allows to do so, shows all my profile pictures I used to have since macOS Mavericks in a section called Recents. This section however does not appear… read more

  • Removing a symlink in terminal (both applicable to macOS and Linux) is exactly the same process as removing a regular file. Open terminal, locate the symlink and use rm to remove it. For example You’re done.

  • In OS X Yosemite your login screen is usually made from your currently set wallpaper mixed with a Blur effect. This version of OS X gives you easy way to change this picture to something completely different. All you need to do is to prepare the image you want to use and save it as… read more

  • It may happen that after you started downloading an application from App Store, the whole process will be interrupted by a broken internet connection or any other situation that can occur. In this case, application which hasn’t been correctly downloaded or updated will be marked with an error on the list. Any attempt to re-download… read more

  • One of the reasons why I felt in love with Macs and OS X is the combination of interface beauty and power of Unix. Although I do like Debian and Ubuntu in terms of doing my development stuff, both systems are extremely ugly and don’t give much visual pleasure. But let’s focus on OS X.… read more

  • Some time ago I wrote an article about installing Wget equivalent in OS X. Now, thanks to Homebrew you can have Wget instead of using cURL which has a little bit more complex syntax. I assume that you already have Homebrew installed. If not, then please follow this page. Now in Terminal simply type Yes!… read more

  • Sooner or later you will reach the point where your application will have to send e-mails from your local environment. I will show you how to properly set MAMP and Postfix in OS X to be able to push messages using PHP’s mail function or using terminal command. Requirements One of the further steps will… read more

  • If you miss a typical package manager like Apt-Get from Ubuntu then Homebrew in OS X is for you. When your Mac has Homebrew, you can easily install packages with command line. To install it, open Terminal and paste You will get the following prompt. Hit Enter and follow instructions shown on the screen.

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