Caffeine Menu Bar Icons for Retina Displays

2014-10-29 OS X


Caffeine is an awesome application that in case of any need will prevent your Mac from going to sleep mode.

Unfortunately Caffeine’s icons have not been designed for Retina displays and on Macs with Retina all you will see will be pixelated cup (of coffee obviously).

New icons

JimmyGreen did some beautiful icons that look gorgeous on Retina. Download them into your disk to proceed (second mirror).


Once your icons are downloaded, extract them to be able to copy png files.

Caffeine icons

When done, proceed to you Applications directory and look for Right click and select Show Package Contents.

Caffeine package

Now follow to Contents/Resources and copy all png icons into that directory. When a prompt window will appear, click Replace to overwrite existing icons.

Below is the final content of Resources after you copied required icons.

Caffeine icons replaced

To allow changes take effect. Quit Caffeine and reopen it again. See the difference?

You have done well! Go get some coffee. ;) Jimmy, thank you!



Caffeine (before)


Caffeine (after)