Creating Bootable USB Flash Drive With OS X Mavericks

2014-10-19 OS X



Before we’ll begin, I assume that you’ve already downloaded free OS X Mavericks from Apple Store. Connect your Mac to a power supply and prepare USB flash drive with at least 8 gigabytes of free space.

OS X Mavericks, downloaded from App Store

USB drive

If your Mavericks image is already downloaded, then let’s prepare our USB drive. Plug in selected USB to your Mac and open Disk Utility. Newly plugged drive should appear on the left side where available drivers are presented.

Select your USB drive and proceed to Erase tab. Now choose format as Mac OS Extented (Journaled). Click Erase.

Ereasing pendrive with OS X Disk Utility

When this is done, don’t unplug your drive. Close Disk Utility and proceed to the Terminal. Open it and type following command:

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\  --volume /Volumes/SLICK-32GB/ --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --nointeraction

Creating pendrive with Mavericks in Terminal

Keep in mind that this command won’t work if you’ve labelled your USB drive with other name. If you did so, change it for a proper name under:


You will be asked for administrator password (sudo). Type it and… go prepare a mug of a tea of a coffee. :)

Creating pendrive with Mavericks in Terminal - password prompt and progress

Don’t panic if you think that the whole operation is stalled. Everything is fine. If your USB has a diode, you should see that it’s working very hard. Grab a second mug and be patient.

After all you should see below result.

Creating pendrive with Mavericks in Terminal - completed


Now you can restart your Mac. Don’t eject USB drive. After rebooting hold down Option key to access boot menu.