Age of Empires: Downloading Trial Version

2014-10-12 Other

Who does not like classics? Age of Empires from 1997 is one of the most famous real time strategies ever made. Graphics can be poor comparing to today’s games but gameplay itself is still unbeatable in my humble opinion, even after so many years after release.

Age of Empires

Trial version of this game was always available from Microsoft’s page that was dedicated to Age of Empires. Unfortunately company removed this website from their servers and all you can do right now it to use

Happily, trial package is still available on the server:

For how long? I have no idea. Because it is free, I decided to share above file also using my Dropbox. Feel free to use it when official link will be down. Of course don’t forget to buy original Age of Empires. You will find bunch of auctions on eBay with used Age of Empires in perfect condition (even box versions).