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  • Converting a song from one format to another using FFmpeg is extra handy. What if you have a whole directory of files you would like to convert to mp3? Let’s check below example. Open Terminal and go to the directory that contains files you would like to convert, then type: Accordingly change: to the extension… read more

  • As a backend developer you may encounter a situation where you have to perform some HTTP redirects. This is a handy way to not let your visitors see a 404 error page. However what if you need to get rid of it? How to tell browser to stop redirecting? In Google Chrome open new tab… read more

  • Vagrant is a great tool to manage your development environments. Recently I wanted to add new box with Homestead to start working on another Laravel project but I was unable to download the box. To add new box, I opened Terminal and typed: After several seconds after downloading process began, below error was interrupting the whole… read more

  • In OS X Yosemite your login screen is usually made from your currently set wallpaper mixed with a Blur effect. This version of OS X gives you easy way to change this picture to something completely different. All you need to do is to prepare the image you want to use and save it as… read more

  • Recently I did a handy feature to allow my users upload their own files into my Laravel application. I decided to use built-in Filesystem storage. Everything worked like a charm until I reached to a significant problem – how to display a resource uploaded by some user when the storage directory is obviously located outside… read more

  • If you work with migrations in your Laravel application, sooner or later you may see an error that will forbid you to truncate a table that is referenced in a foreign key constrain. You will get the following error as soon as you reach to the first method call. Solution Open you main seeder file… read more

  • Attaching an event handler against selector that already exists in DOM is pretty easy but what if you have to work with non-static content that is appended and injected dynamically? Let’s assume that we have the following document structure Now, triggering an action when this particular link is clicked can look like this or Extremely easy, right? So let’s… read more

  • Recently I reached to the point in my Laravel 5 application where I’ve started repeating some small parts of my code in many places. I knew that in the future it can easily get out of control when there will be a need to change something. Obviouslly solution like “search and replace” is something we… read more

  • It may happen that after you started downloading an application from App Store, the whole process will be interrupted by a broken internet connection or any other situation that can occur. In this case, application which hasn’t been correctly downloaded or updated will be marked with an error on the list. Any attempt to re-download… read more

  • One of the reasons why I felt in love with Macs and OS X is the combination of interface beauty and power of Unix. Although I do like Debian and Ubuntu in terms of doing my development stuff, both systems are extremely ugly and don’t give much visual pleasure. But let’s focus on OS X.… read more