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  • To get current author’s attributes in a template, simply fetch them by using Now you can access fields such as or

  • It took me a while to realize what is going on with this strange issue. You did a migration that worked fine? Then you wanted to populate newly created table by seeding your database? You made a proper file, you called the file inside DatabaseSeeder.php using exactly the same class name as in the recent… read more

  • Creating multilingual project in Laravel isn’t as hard as it may look like. In this article I will show you how to apply basic localization feature. For purposes of this article we will implement two languages. English language will be set as the main one and as a fallback language as well. Second one doesn’t… read more

  • Some time ago I wrote an article about installing Wget equivalent in OS X. Now, thanks to Homebrew you can have Wget instead of using cURL which has a little bit more complex syntax. I assume that you already have Homebrew installed. If not, then please follow this page. Now in Terminal simply type Yes!… read more

  • Sooner or later you will reach the point where your application will have to send e-mails from your local environment. I will show you how to properly set MAMP and Postfix in OS X to be able to push messages using PHP’s mail function or using terminal command. Requirements One of the further steps will… read more

  • There is a big chance that you might have seen an exception in Laravel 5 that is thrown when Form and / or Html class cannot be found by the framework. It happens because fifth version of it doesn’t come with HtmlServiceProvider. That stops you from using some significant features like for example form helpers.… read more

  • Story Today I found an interesting issue related to a great plug-in made by Allan Jardine called DataTables. DataTables gives you dozens of opportunities to turn your static HTML tables into interactive ones that support client side pagination, column sorting and dynamic row filtering. I had to implement DataTables feature into one, particular table where… read more

  • Laravel 5 comes with some already built-in features like authentication and registration and that makes this framework great. However, sometimes you may want to change the default functionality or behavior of existing elements. As we all know, you shouldn’t touch any of the core scripts (such as files located in the vendor directory, since it can… read more

  • If you miss a typical package manager like Apt-Get from Ubuntu then Homebrew in OS X is for you. When your Mac has Homebrew, you can easily install packages with command line. To install it, open Terminal and paste You will get the following prompt. Hit Enter and follow instructions shown on the screen.

  • Sometimes you may have to repeat the same operation (or set of operations) on more than one image. Doing everything manually for every image is rather pointless. In this article I will show you how to record and use actions to perform batch operations in Photoshop CS6. First we need to create a set. Think… read more