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  • If you miss a typical package manager like Apt-Get from Ubuntu then Homebrew in OS X is for you. When your Mac has Homebrew, you can easily install packages with command line. To install it, open Terminal and paste You will get the following prompt. Hit Enter and follow instructions shown on the screen.

  • Sometimes you may have to repeat the same operation (or set of operations) on more than one image. Doing everything manually for every image is rather pointless. In this article I will show you how to record and use actions to perform batch operations in Photoshop CS6. First we need to create a set. Think… read more

  • Adding Composer dependencies into Laravel 5 is very easy but you have to remember about few things. To add third party packages into your Laravel, locate file called composer.json (root of your project) and paste the name of the package in require / require-dev section. In my case I had to add “illuminate/html”: “~5.0” package… read more

  • I know nobody who finds OS X Dashboard as an useful tool. There is a easy way to permanently turn in off by typing just few lines in terminal. Open OS X Terminal and paste the following line: Hit Enter and then type: After the Dock will be reloaded, your dashboard should be disabled and… read more

  • After MAMP is installed on OS X, you can use command line (terminal) to access MySQL in exactly the same way as on Linux. It’s very handy when you have to deal with importing or exporting huge SQL files. On of the things that can become little bit frustrating is that when normally you would… read more

  • Background Caffeine is an awesome application that in case of any need will prevent your Mac from going to sleep mode. Unfortunately Caffeine’s icons have not been designed for Retina displays and on Macs with Retina all you will see will be pixelated cup (of coffee obviously). New icons JimmyGreen did some beautiful icons that… read more

  • Preparation Mavericks Before we’ll begin, I assume that you’ve already downloaded free OS X Mavericks from Apple Store. Connect your Mac to a power supply and prepare USB flash drive with at least 8 gigabytes of free space. USB drive If your Mavericks image is already downloaded, then let’s prepare our USB drive. Plug in… read more

  • Who does not like classics? Age of Empires from 1997 is one of the most famous real time strategies ever made. Graphics can be poor comparing to today’s games but gameplay itself is still unbeatable in my humble opinion, even after so many years after release. Trial version of this game was always available from… read more

  • It’s quite easy but the point is to know what combination of buttons should be pressed at once. Quickly press Home button and without releasing quickly press sleep / wake button. You should hear a sound of a camera taking a picture. Your screenshot will be located in your camera roll.

  • By default, login window language will be set to the same language that you have chosen during instalation of your OS X. If you want to change it, you will need just terminal and administrator privileges. Open terminal (if you don’t know where it is, type ⌘ Space to open Spotlight – then type “terminal”).… read more