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  • Who does not like classics? Age of Empires from 1997 is one of the most famous real time strategies ever made. Graphics can be poor comparing to today’s games but gameplay itself is still unbeatable in my humble opinion, even after so many years after release. Trial version of this game was always available from… read more

  • It’s quite easy but the point is to know what combination of buttons should be pressed at once. Quickly press Home button and without releasing quickly press sleep / wake button. You should hear a sound of a camera taking a picture. Your screenshot will be located in your camera roll.

  • By default, login window language will be set to the same language that you have chosen during instalation of your OS X. If you want to change it, you will need just terminal and administrator privileges. Open terminal (if you don’t know where it is, type ⌘ Space to open Spotlight – then type “terminal”).… read more

  • It may happen that for some particular reasons you will have to know the exact template name, that you’re currently using. Below code works in functions.php and obviously in other places as well. Simple function can look like this: Call this function inside any template and var_dump result to see what you will get.

  • Wget is very handy Linux command. I wrote about it some articles. Unfortunately we won’t find it in OS X. There is very easy workaroud. We will use curl instead. Let’s assume that we want to download jQuery library into our project directry from official page. Recent jQuery library can be reached using below address:… read more

  • You can download more than one file using wget. If there’s only any pattern in the names of your files you can use it. Please see this example. Three archives we would like to download: Now see below syntax and see what has been changed: Because of the fact that all above files are part… read more

  • There’s a possibility to manipulate the speed of files we’re fetching using wget. All you have to add is additional parameter at the end of your request URL. For example: Take a look at:

  • This table contains complete list of all MIME types to use while working with .htaccess files.

  • qTranslate is quite good plugin which allows your WordPress to handle multiple languages. Unfortunately author of this plug-in implemented it in the way that particular version of qTranslate will work only with particular version of WordPress. It causes an annoying issue when new version of WordPress will be released and author of qT won’t prepare… read more

  • Queryloader issue There is no doubt, that Gaya Kessler did an awesome plugin called QueryLoader. Unfortunately, while gathering all images to be preloaded with this plugin, Gaya’s script will crash on graphic elements created with CSS3. Function is crawling for all background images and img tags with src attribute. When it will reach for example… read more

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