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  • To remove shortuct arrow in Windows without any third party software, follow below steps and you will be able to remove shortcut arrow or change it to a classic one (if you are modifying Windows 7).   – arrow’s preview in Windows 7   – classic Windows arrow Open “Run” menu and type: Go to… read more

  • Another way (much more easier than the one I previously posted on May ’13) to install Java 7 under Ubuntu is presented below. You don’t have to edit any files manually. Just type these commands in terminal with sudo: While upgrading your repositories, your Java will be up to date.

  • Installation of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 (or 4.x) is as much easy as when you install software using apt-get or GUI Software Center in Ubuntu. Debian packages are provided in one tar.gz archive. Download it and do the following steps. Before the installation process ensure that LibreOffice is removed to aviod some conflicts. Extract the archive:… read more

  • Sometimes you may need to have a silent video for web development reasons (you build new website with “video in background plugin). Sound can be very annoying and it should be removed. How to remove sound from any video file? Let’s use FFmpeg. Powerful, command line tool. You should find FFmpeg in your Ubuntu. Simple… read more

  • To install cURL extension for your PHP environment simply open terminal and type: Installation will take seconds. Then restart Apache with: You can check if everything is OK with: Press CTRL + F under your browser and search for a “curl” phrase. If it will appear, installation of cURL is successful.

  • To install Cisco VPN in Ubuntu, you have to open terminal and install following packages: and: Now (if you are using Gnome) simply left click on Network Manager icon and define new Cisco VPN connection.

  • In this article I will show you how to upgrade your Firefox to the newest possible version on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Close Firefox and open terminal and add new repository: Update everything: Finally install Firefox. Changes will take effect without restarting OS.

  • If you hate Unity as much as I, you can turn it off and use Classic Gnome 2 (known as Gnome Session Fallback) which is preferred my many Ubuntu users, who hate Unity and do not accept Gnome 3. I have been trying a lot to get use to Unity but after several minutes I… read more

  • By default, menu of each application in Unity is presented in the same global menu bar (depending on which application is currently active). This article shows how to disable global menu and enable independent menu for each application’s window that is currently opened. Open terminal and remove indicator-appmenu: Changes will take effect only after restarting… read more

  • Grub Customizer is a graphical software that allows you to easily change the order and appearance of menu entries. Adding repository To install Grub Customizer in Ubuntu 13.10 open terminal and type: Updating packages Update packages: Installation Install GC:

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