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  • Sometimes (especially when you are an administrator) there may be a need, to see the content of a specific file in a real time – for example log file. You could open file, go down to see last entries, close file and then repeat the whole process to see if there have been done some… read more

  • It may happen, that after successful installation of LAMP environment, when you will try to open PHP script in your browser, instead of result, you will see raw source code. It means that Apache is not handling PHP. To solve this open terminal and edit file: It’s worth to backup this file before changing anything.… read more

  • My Bluetooth Places icon may appear on your desktop after installing bluetooth drivers. How to delete it? Right clicking on this icon gives you some options, but none of them will let you to remove this icon from your desktop. Open Start Menu and click on Run. In the window that appeared type: and click… read more

  • Balloon tips in Windows XP are more annoying than useful. In this article I will show You how to disable these notifications using Windows Registry. Open Start Menu and click on Run. In window that appeared type: and click OK. Registry Editor will appear. Open this node: Now right click on the right window and… read more

  • Custom page template gives you ability to have an unique design for specified page(s) that should look different than default template like for example page.php. In this article I will show you how to create new template and assign it to custom page. The most important things that you should now dealing with WordPress templates… read more

  • Several days ago I found, that my WordPress site was under attack. From two previous days, the whole site was very slow when loading but still reachable. I thought that optimizing it by disabling unnecessary plugins, minifying CSS and JS files, creating sprites instead of multiple images will solve the problem but I was wrong.… read more

  • To prevent from stealing our bandwidth and server resources, we can easily disable hotlinking any image from our site using .htaccess file. All you have to do, is to paste into .htaccess file the following code: Now, when someone will try to fetch an image or a photo located on your website (by inserting BBCode… read more

  • Sometimes your scripts will consume a lot of memory. Lack of it may cause in PHP throwing a fatal error with something like this below: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 103 bytes) The amount of bytes may be different but rest will be the same. To prevent it,… read more

  • Till Firefox in version 22 it was very easy to turn JavaScript support on or off. All You had to do was to enter Options under Tools menu and click on specified checkbox. For testing purposes I had to temporary switch off this feature but I was unable to find it. I've found information that… read more

  • There are many opinions about content of robots.txt, that should be included to your WordPress site. One of the optimal content is presented below: Save this code as a file called robots.txt and copy it to the root directory where your wp-config.php file is located.

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