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  • Till Firefox in version 22 it was very easy to turn JavaScript support on or off. All You had to do was to enter Options under Tools menu and click on specified checkbox. For testing purposes I had to temporary switch off this feature but I was unable to find it. I've found information that… read more

  • There are many opinions about content of robots.txt, that should be included to your WordPress site. One of the optimal content is presented below: Save this code as a file called robots.txt and copy it to the root directory where your wp-config.php file is located.

  • You can easily synchronize time of your server or local machine using ntpdate command. Open terminal and type: You can change the address of time server ( to a different one that suits you. If you don’t have ntpdate installed, do I with below command:

  • Sublime Text 2 comes with various colour themes. One of the best theme (in my humble opinion) unfortunately is not included so you have do download it and activate manually. This theme is called Tomorrow Night (with my favourite Blue edition). All Tomorrow themes are made my Chris Kempson and you can obtain them from… read more

  • If your Debian doesn’t have Software Center installed, you can easily do it by entering following command into terminal: For Gnome: For KDE:

  • For example – you want to know how many Mondays, Tuesdays etc. are in a specific month and year? Here’s a simple code that returns an array with desired values. As you can see, all you have to set are two variables your_date_month and your_date_year. When you’ll dump days_of_week_array you’ll see for example: Example shown… read more

  • First step is to be sure that your Squeeze is up to date: Next step is to have proper entries in sources.list file. Edit file by typing: and replace the whole content with: You can change country code to a different one if needed. I’ve used servers from Poland. Now update sources: Than upgrade packages:… read more

  • To be able to view most of flash player animations you should replace standard Shockwave Flash player with Adobe flash player (plugin) in your browser. In terminal switch to root and remove Gnash: Restart Firefox to apply changes.

  • To check your Ubuntu (Kubuntu or Xubuntu) version in terminal, simply enter this command:

  • There are many ways to install Java support in Linux systems. One of the easiest is to do it by adding specific entries to our sources.list file and install Java from repository. Open terminal and edit sources.list:

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