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  • To be able to view most of flash player animations you should replace standard Shockwave Flash player with Adobe flash player (plugin) in your browser. In terminal switch to root and remove Gnash: Restart Firefox to apply changes.

  • To check your Ubuntu (Kubuntu or Xubuntu) version in terminal, simply enter this command:

  • There are many ways to install Java support in Linux systems. One of the easiest is to do it by adding specific entries to our sources.list file and install Java from repository. Open terminal and edit sources.list:

  • Installation of NetBeans in Ubuntu or Debian is very easy but before you do so, you have to install Java JDK which is required by NetBeans to work. 1. Installation of Java Development Kit Go to Oracle’s Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads, accept License Agreement and download proper version of JDK in tar.gz file.… read more

  • Installing Windows fonts in Debian

    2013-04-26 Linux Will Redirect 🚩

    To get most popular Windows fonts in Debian (6.0.7) download this package. Then install it by typing in terminal:

  • To install Dropbox in Debian we'll use terminal. Follow steps below to finish this process successfully. Download First step is to download package from it's official website. Because Ubuntu packages should work in Debian – download Ubuntu version instead of this dedicated to Debian (I had few problems with it). I've downloaded 64-bit version. Next,… read more

  • When a new version of Ubuntu is available, you can easily upgrade your system to the newest version by entering following command in terminal:

  • WP Supersized allows You to enjoy full-sized background pictures on Your website. Unfortunately, if You will like to combine this feature with the NextGEN Gallery's HTML description of each picture (typed into NextGEN description textarea filed), in one specific case the script may break the whole site. It can occur when You will type new line… read more

  • In this article we won't talk about what is Secure Shell – we'll just focus on how to use this protocol in Ubuntu. By default Ubuntu is unable to manage SSH connections because it's not installed. To be able to connect with remote machine we have to install OpenSSH Server on our local machine. Open… read more

  • In general – tar is an Unix program used to create data archives packed in one, single file. This article will quickly show how to create and extract such archive. Created file will be also compressed with bzip2. To create an archive from a directory or file: To extract this archive type: For more informations… read more