• Converting a song from one format to another using FFmpeg is extra handy. What if you have a whole directory of files you would like to convert to mp3? Let’s check below example. Open Terminal and go to the directory that contains files you would like to convert, then type: Accordingly change: to the extension… read more

  • As a backend developer you may encounter a situation where you have to perform some HTTP redirects. This is a handy way to not let your visitors see a 404 error page. However what if you need to get rid of it? How to tell browser to stop redirecting? In Google Chrome open new tab… read more

  • Vagrant: Fix for error 60 / SSL read

    2015-10-09 Software Will Redirect ­čÜę

    Vagrant is a great tool to manage your development environments. Recently I wanted to add new box with Homestead to start working on another Laravel project but I┬áwas unable to download the box. To add new box, I opened Terminal and typed: After several seconds after downloading process began, below error was interrupting the whole… read more

  • In my previous article about FFmpeg I’ve described a method of removing sound from the surce video stream. Today I will present some general examples of how to use FFmpeg. That includes conversion from one format into another, setting specific bitrate (quality determinant) and other minor settings. (Check this article from time to time, because… read more

  • Sometimes you may need to have a silent video for web development reasons (you build new website with “video in background plugin). Sound can be very annoying and it should be removed. How to remove sound from any video file? Let’s use FFmpeg. Powerful, command line tool. You should find FFmpeg in your Ubuntu. Simple… read more

  • Till Firefox in version 22 it was very easy to turn JavaScript support on or off. All You had to do was to enter Options under Tools menu and click on specified checkbox. For testing purposes I had to temporary switch off this feature but I was unable to find it. I've found information that… read more

  • Sublime Text 2 comes with various colour themes. One of the best theme (in my humble opinion) unfortunately is not included so you have do download it and activate manually. This theme is called Tomorrow Night (with my favourite Blue edition). All Tomorrow themes are made my Chris Kempson and you can obtain them from… read more

  • Przy standardowych ustawieniach programu Thunderbird, odpowiadaj─ůc na czyj─ů┼Ť wiadomo┼Ť─ç e-mail, historia korespondencji jest do┼é─ůczana do nowo tworzonej wiadomo┼Ťci na samej górze podczas gdy aktualnie tworzon─ů tre┼Ť─ç zmuszeni jeste┼Ťmy pisa─ç na dole okna. Jest to do┼Ť─ç uci─ů┼╝liwe i przy d┼éugiej historii korespondencji zmusza u┼╝ytkownika do d┼éugiego przewijania tekstu. Aby przestawi─ç kolejno┼Ť─ç odpowiadania na wiadomo┼Ť─ç i pisa─ç… read more

  • Wtyczka YSlow to ┼Ťwietne narz─Ödzie, pomagaj─ůce web developerom w optymalizacji i podnoszeniu wydajno┼Ťci tworzonych przez nich strony internetowych. Aby YSlow dzia┼éa┼éo, wymagana jest wtyczka Firebug. Problem polega na tym, i┼╝ Firebug od wersji 1.8 do 1.10 nie wspó┼épracuje z YSlow. Do czasu wydania kompatybilnych ze sob─ů wersji trzeba wykona─ç poni┼╝szy trick aby wtyczka dzia┼éa┼éa w… read more