Firefox: How to disable JavaScript support in FF23?

2013-09-15 Software

Till Firefox in version 22 it was very easy to turn JavaScript support on or off. All You had to do was to enter Options under Tools menu and click on specified checkbox. For testing purposes I had to temporary switch off this feature but I was unable to find it. I've found information that from Firefox 23, developers removed this checkbox from options to choose.

Happily they haven't removed it at all. It's still accessible using "about:config" sections. So here are simple steps that You have to do to enable / disable JS support in Your Firefox.

  1. Open new tab and as an URL type: about:config,
  2. On the search field, type: javascript.enabled,
  3. Depending on which state You want to achieve, switch the boolean value of this option to true or false.

Effects will take place immediately without restarting the browser.