Vagrant: Fix for error 60 / SSL read

2015-10-09 Software

Vagrant is a great tool to manage your development environments. Recently I wanted to add new box with Homestead to start working on another Laravel project but I was unable to download the box.

To add new box, I opened Terminal and typed:

vagrant box add laravel/homestead

After several seconds after downloading process began, below error was interrupting the whole process.


I found quite easy way to fix this. Open Terminal and go to your home directory

cd ~

Now go to

cd .vagrant.d/tmp/

This directory contains temporary file, that has been created when you first time tried to add new box. Remove it’s content:

rm -rf ~/.vagrant.d/tmp/

and try again but this time add additional parameter:

vagrant box add --insecure laravel/homestead

Download should start normally and finish without any interruptions.