• In your functions.php paste below lines:

  • To get current author’s attributes in a template, simply fetch them by using Now you can access fields such as or

  • It may happen that for some particular reasons you will have to know the exact template name, that you’re currently using. Below code works in functions.php and obviously in other places as well. Simple function can look like this: Call this function inside any template and var_dump result to see what you will get.

  • qTranslate is quite good plugin which allows your WordPress to handle multiple languages. Unfortunately author of this plug-in implemented it in the way that particular version of qTranslate will work only with particular version of WordPress. It causes an annoying issue when new version of WordPress will be released and author of qT won’t prepare… read more

  • Custom page template gives you ability to have an unique design for specified page(s) that should look different than default template like for example page.php. In this article I will show you how to create new template and assign it to custom page. The most important things that you should now dealing with WordPress templates… read more

  • Several days ago I found, that my WordPress site was under attack. From two previous days, the whole site was very slow when loading but still reachable. I thought that optimizing it by disabling unnecessary plugins, minifying CSS and JS files, creating sprites instead of multiple images will solve the problem but I was wrong.… read more

  • There are many opinions about content of robots.txt, that should be included to your WordPress site. One of the optimal content is presented below: Save this code as a file called robots.txt and copy it to the root directory where your wp-config.php file is located.

  • WP Supersized allows You to enjoy full-sized background pictures on Your website. Unfortunately, if You will like to combine this feature with the NextGEN Gallery's HTML description of each picture (typed into NextGEN description textarea filed), in one specific case the script may break the whole site. It can occur when You will type new line… read more

  • In any place in Your wordpress template file You are able to obtain the unique identifier of current page that is actually shown (type doesn't matter (post or page)). Just use one of these functions:

  • Post thumbnail is a feature, that allows to assign a picture to a post. This is better than inserting picture as a part of post’s content because You can easily obtain this picture from post data by using function: Now, when adding or editing page, You should see new section called “Featured Image”. Dimensions (width… read more

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