WordPress: qTranslate and WordPress Version Mismatching Issue

2014-04-15 WordPress

qTranslate is quite good plugin which allows your WordPress to handle multiple languages. Unfortunately author of this plug-in implemented it in the way that particular version of qTranslate will work only with particular version of WordPress. It causes an annoying issue when new version of WordPress will be released and author of qT won’t prepare (or update) his plug-in on time.

Message is clear but annoying and gives you feeling, that you may loss you content when dealing with incompatible version of qT and WP.

The qTranslate Editor has disabled itself because it hasn’t been tested with your WordPress version yet. This is done to prevent WordPress from malfunctioning. You can re-enable it by clicking here (may cause data loss! Use at own risk!). To remove this message permanently, please update qTranslate to the corresponding version.

This article will show you how to get around of this issue. Please keep in mind, that this is temporary solution where we will edit plugin’s file – normally that kind of operations are not suggested and you should avoid this. Let’s just hope that author of qTranslate will fix this in a permanent way in the future.


Forget about everything I posted below. Use mqTranslate instead. It’s well tested, stable and constantly supported by xhaleera.

Fixing qTranslate

Go to location:


and open file called:


Near line 90 find defined constant:

define('QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION', '3.8.1');

Now just check which version of WordPress you currently have and replace the one you see above with it. After you will save file, notification should vanish. In my case I’ve changed:

define('QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION', '3.8.1');


define('QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION', '3.8.3');

Additional information

Yes – it is temporary – after updating qTranslate or upgrading WordPress your changes will be removed.

Yes – before doing anything I’ve mentioned here, you should backup your WordPress (files and database).

No – you shouldn’t see after this hotfix any PHP errors with “Headers already sent”. In my case I haven’t seen them (tested on WP 3.8.3). I’m mentioning about this because several people said, that after this change, “Headers already sent” started to appear.

I hope you will find this temporary solution useful.